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Cookies used on this site

Just like almost all websites, our website uses cookies. The purpose of these cookies is to help you have the best experience we can offer you. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or smartphone when you browse websites.

Our cookies help us to :

  • Make our website function the way you expect it to
  • Remember your settings during and between visits
  • Improve browsing on the site and its security
  • Enable you to share site pages on social media
  • Constantly improve our website for you
  • Make our marketing more effective

You can find out more about all the cookies used below :

Granting us permission to use cookies

If the settings of the software you are using to view this website (your browser) are set to accept cookies and the use of our website, we consider that you confirm this. In the event you should wish to remove or not use the cookies from our site, you can find out how to do so below. However, if you do so, this means that our site will probably not function as you expect it to.

Third-party function

Like most websites, our site includes features provided by third parties. One common example is a YouTube video incorporated into the site. Our website includes the cookies used by YouTube. Disabling these YouTube cookies will probably block certain functions offered by YouTube.

Statistics cookies for anonymous visitors

We use cookies to establish visit statistics such as how many people have visited our website, what type of technology is used (Mac, Windows, etc. – this helps find out why our site doesn’t work on one or other of these systems), how long the visitors stay on our site, which pages they visit, etc. This helps us constantly improve our site. “Analytics” cookies also give us information, anonymously, about how visitors came to the site (for example, via a search engine).

We do not use cookies for :

  • Collecting personal information (without your specific permission)
  • Collecting sensitive information (without your specific permission)
  • Passing data on to advertising networks
  • Passing personal data to third parties
  • Paying sales commissions

We use cookies to make our site work :

Remembering your search settings. Allowing you to add comments on our site. It is impossible to prevent these cookies other than by not using our site.

Social media cookies

So that you can easily “like” or share our content on social media, we have incorporated share buttons on our site. The social media cookies are established by Facebook and Twitter. The implications for your privacy may vary from one social medium to another and will depend on the privacy settings you have chosen on these media.

Disable cookies

You can disable cookies by changing your browser settings. However, by doing so, you are limiting the functions of our website – and also most other sites, given that cookies are standard for most current-generation websites.

In doing so, you may be thinking of the cookies called “spyware”. However, rather than disabling all cookies in your browser, you can use anti-spyware software, which will delete only those cookies considered as invasive.